Wednesday, December 1, 2010

:) Life: my idea?

:) Life: my idea?

I feel that life is a natural byproduct of nature. It is a natural process of self organization.

Self organization is demonstrated in both living and non-living systems. We are now calling it “swarm intelligence”.

Our earth, has had the luxury of a stable environment to let life prosper and evolve.

Look at us. We are intelligent, self aware. Able to understand ourselves, our universe and each other.

Many of us think of how life started. Here is my quick hypothesis:

A foreign body hits earth, hits an ice sheet. It contains a surviving replicator.

Inside the protection of this ice sheet, with the heat of our inner earth, it is given a beneficial environment to replicate.

It evolves.

Thats how I think it started, on earth. What is your idea?


P.S. - Nasa News?

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