Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sad To Be Canadian: Bill C-311

Sad to be Canadian: C-311?

With overwhelming evidence of threats to Canada's future: toxic pollution and climate change, it is sad to see Prime Minister Steven Harper fail to pass C-311. I am certainly not surprised, I thought it would not pass to begin with. Am I just negative or clever-realistic ( Cleverealistic: Colbert and Palin, look out! )?

Why was I negative about C-311 and Harper failing to pass it? Harper proroguing parliament. How can a leader lead when he is scared to take on big challenges. And what does our leader say: "It sets irresponsible targets, doesn't lay out any measure of achieving them other than ... by shutting down sections of the Canadian economy and throwing hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people out of work".

I wrote in a Blog ( Green Economy: Risk and Reward ) about how Canadian technology is all around, but, the government cannot see the light. Prime Minister Harper certainly cannot see the light. The global economy in green technology has skyrocketed in the past few years and has outpaced most other markets around the globe. When Stephen Harper goes to Cancun ( for what purpose I am not sure ) he will have effectively slapped green technology investors in the face. “Not on my watch”, Harper might say, if he plagiarized from George W. Bush : Decision Points.

Whats at stake? Fifteen trillion dollars in potential Green Investment dollars ( in layman terms: $15,000,000,000,000 ). That sounds like a lot of money because it is. I am a designer. I have watched the manufacturing die in Canada. As a consultant, I have seen many of my customers go out of business. Businesses failed due to lack of innovation. Innovation in technology, advanced skills training, and capital equipment. Sometimes I would walk into companies and I would think, “you are going out of business” ( so far I have been about 85% correct ). Employers did not invest in their technology and workforce, “free-market MBA zombies” outsourced and now they are dying. Think I am full of it? Well, check out Canadas tax revenues over the past decade. When I worked in the USA, the Michigan Government paid for any training I wanted. I could even do it at night. Free. Smart.

I will spare you the rest of all that stuff. Canada had the chance, over the past decade, to foster this industry and develop a world class green economy. With lobbyists pumping cash to develop dirty energy and quietly poo-poo green interests, this government is responsible for lost business around the globe and lost industry leadership in Canada. There are plenty of great green technologies in Canada that need help! We need a Prime Minister that can lead and identify opportunities to: help the environment, provide green jobs for Canadians, enable Canadian green companies to become world leaders and to help people, and Canadians, live less toxic lives.

Canada is paying right now. Paying in lost time. We coulda been a somebody! As my old swim coach used to say “missing one practise takes two to catch up”.


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