Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Electronics?

Simple. Compostable Electronics. Not the big wires ok! Always recycle your copper!

Use Nanotechnoglogy to design compostable electronics. Seriously. I need this now! Please innovate or perish! Evolution will eventually catch up, will you be a part of it?

What is innovation? Innovation is all about removing inefficiencies in our system or processes ( examples: lawyers and politicians ). But our “Free Market Capitalism” will simply stomp any new ideas that compete with theirs. I have had so many stomp-downs, over the past 15 years, its silly! Making green proposals to many companies and getting the: “Our current market models are not seeing a concern in environmental habits. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

I used to think that all of these people, mostly “fart catchers ”, had "zero balls". They failed to risk. Maybe they failed to recognize a pretty simple concept? Maybe they knew they would get stomped too? Maybe they did not want to try anything other than what was taught? Original ideas rarely make it to consumer markets without going through the military first. The “global war machine” is strong and only fears a democratic vote. And what about the “Global Lynchpins”? Well, they are fart catchers too.

Where was I? Yes, innovation. Well, "compostable electronics" needs to be developed and nanotechnology ( future “Ad-Free Blog” on nanotechnology already under go folks! ) is the perfect fit. Give me them now! Then I could give you my green cellphone design. You know who you are!

Many would argue that it is impossible! Well, those that are not creative. As a designer, I have limited choices I can make for "green" designs. Some people say “blame the designers”. Well, us designers need the tools to help our environment! We do not make all the "doo-hickies" anymore. We design some of it, then buy others stuff to slap it on. I can't control every aspect of the design. I do not know everything. Okay? ;)

I do know this: anything is possible with creativity and science! Just look at railguns! Cool? Not Cool! Is there one in space already? Not sure. What about creativity that does not serve the “Global War Machine”? Can I have some of that? President Barack Obama started the ball rolling with a $18 Billion non-military research and development program ( soon to be crushed by the first woman to be elected Governor of Alaska? ).

So, how the heck do you compost electronics. Simple. By reducing the number of materials in the electronics design. So, in electronics, we need insulators, conductors and some good “doping”. Sure some chip designer ( sorry, no wiki entry for chip designer – donate today! ) is mad at me now. So, you get my point. Reduce materials. Sorry, Chip.

Okay, so, back to the this big pile of steaming compost. So, we reduce our number of materials into a known family. And this is where mother nature shines. We use “a mix of bacteria” that munch on each different material. Lets make sure those bacteria are safe first! Please! Thanks.

How to Compost your electronics: Find something to stomp with. Stomp electronics device at will, Add bacteria, dump contents into your composter!

Beautiful! Nature.

Education is all about sharing information and ideas. Consider this a “big share”, because, I cannot fix all problems. I am too busy. Get involved! Could you accomplish this? Good. I need your stuff fast! Please see my Blog for submission details, and lets get started now!

Did you know that you can heat your home with a giant pile of compost? If that were the case right now, maybe our politicans would be usefull afterall.


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