Wednesday, December 29, 2010

:) Google & Open Office, Etc.!

Google: Open Office!

I started blogging for “fun” and my “green purposes”. I intend for my blogs try to make you think critically about “green” ( an undefined marketing term ) and my “green perspectives” on “government inaction on the good green stuff”. Some of it is controversial. I feel that certain environmental issues need to be acted upon, not advertised.

I feel it is important to innovate and profit while providing solid revenue streams for investments. The Green Economy is growing quickly and I feel our governments need to rethink the term investment.

Green Energy is the new gold? I assert yes. It is a tangible asset, unlike gold that was linked to currency in days gone by. Green energy investments should accomplish two things: reduce operating costs and provide a long term revenue stream. If a tax incentive exists now, what is holding progress back?

These “green” innovations can also represent a direct cost savings or a “leaner cleaner” company for honest marketing ( if there is such a thing? ).

Myself, as an independent designer find this is a tough business. On top of doing the work, marketing is always a challenge. Networking is the challenge... never enough time and it is expensive.

Of course my marketing is controversial, but, it illustrates my “ability as a designer to deconstruct a complex issue and identify solutions that add direct green value to all products”.

My value is Green Innovations: Strategies, Designs, Intellectual Property and Green Cost Reduction.

I always think it is important to thank those that help my small business.

I would like to thank Google and Open Office! Oh, free "stuff"! You simply rock!

All the tools I use for marketing are free! I use Open Office for my documents, design spreadsheets and presentation stuff.

Thanks Open Office :)

Google provides the platform for my blog. It is seamless with my iGoogle homepage. There I have my Gmail account, Google Chrome Browser. Chrome is fast and has a clean configurable interface. Snazzy!

Just when I thought I was in “free land bliss”: I got Google Analytics. This is a powerful and simple tool. I use it to measure my blog traffic. These are powerful tools for a small company. I can track the numbers and visitors and reports are easy to make. The “cut and paste approach” has finally caught up with my philosophy : “Cut and Paste your way to success!”

It is a simple tool for me. Gives me some cool reports on my blog stuff. I collect numbers of visits and use Google Analytics to see where this traffic is coming from. I installed it for fun, but, I am keeping it!

I track traffic locations: where in the world is my visitors are from, how many blogs they read in a row. I now have an alert for anyone that reads more than 8 blogs in a row, 6 is the current record! Thanks to who ever that was! Hope you learned at least one nugget of knowledge.

I have learned many important facts about my blog using this tool. The drag and drop rule sets are excellent compared to other marketing software I have seen. Nice job. Thanks Google!

So, thanks all you freebies out there! You understand that a great lost leader benefits everyone!

Oh, I also added the free newspaper below this blog. It does have some advertising, but, for the content it has, I thought it was fun thing. Just do not look at the advertising ;)


Graham :)


All information and concepts on my blog is property of me, Graham Chivers.

Retweeting is highly recommended!

This information may not be used, in any publications, without direct prior consent from Graham Chivers @ My Blog is not to be within or, on any entities that have advertising. Sounds weird? Well, that is my choice. Freedom of speech and freedom of access, without any capitalism, by companies, that I do not find green enough. I assert that my Blogs will deliver my blog with NO ADVERTISING! As such, If you wish to rebroadcast my content, ask for permission. If your publication has absolutely no advertising, anywhere, I will be happy let you use my content, on the condition that I verify the publication for content, first. I dreaded the day that my blog would be beside advertising for laptops or other non-green thingies, but, it did. Support Ad-Free knowledge! If you see this blog beside advertising, please, let them know to respect my authority as a citizen. Thank you! I assert the right to assert my opinion on each blog, I blog. I assert that I am not a “domestic terrorist”. I assert that I am an individual, not a marketing scam. All the products used to manufacture this product are “free” on the Internet. I use no marketing software for data collection, just Google Analytics. I feel that anyone should be able to read my blog with only knowledge being the product for free.

If you do not agree with any above content, prove it first. If you can teach me something, I will thank you in a manner warranted. If you are intending to “limit my internet access” or Freedom of Speech or my Human Rights: please go away!

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