Saturday, December 18, 2010

>:( Green Fur Campaign?

Green Fur.

I recently saw a billboard. “Fur is Green

I have long thought about this. Here is an “all natural resource”, used for over ~150,000 years to keep us warm and snuggly. Evolution gave us skills.

Then we have some clothing that is made of “toxic chemicals” and also natural fibres like bamboo or cotton.

What the heck is green here?

Green is the process of bringing sustainable materials to customers at the lowest risk-based cost. This means from the start, of each different material and process, to the finish. Add up the processes and presto, you can investigate the “green”! Naturally, the least number of “steps” the greener. I picked up a grasshopper and had it for a snack, that would be green? Only if it was an organic grasshopper.

Currently, most fur industry “processes” are unregulated and dirty. Processing hides requires chemicals? Transportation costs, manufacturing, marketing of luxury, etc.

An Ogibway kid told me, many years ago now, his mom uses moose brains to treat hides. All natural. I am sure there are some other steps too, but, this kid had some cool knowledge, for me. I think I also remember him telling me the "Ogibway word" for “dirty” is “Gagoosh”? I hope I am not saying “white guy”.

So, why does this industry not “innovate its processes” to “bioengineered naturally safe enzymes”? I am sure some is working on this. This process may take a little longer, when you take into consideration the typical “MBA philosophy” with regards to our environment. Would a few “extras”, here and there, to benefit our environment help? Yes.

Off topic, MIT just started its newest program for green materials. Am I ahead of my time? No, it makes economic sense to go green. It reduces costs and “minimizes risk” to our environment. It also, by nature, saves money. Smart? Yes. This is how I like to design my stuff too!

Canada is behind in "green". That is why I blog so much! I see this as "lost money for all". Green Products are superior in environmental and economic terms. Period. Its math.

What does nature already have at its disposal to innovate this “green fur”? Until we know, fur is dirty. The people that hunt and prepare their hides are green ( as long as they do not use an ATV ). Will I ever stop? No.

This fur site goes on to say that its process is natural and looks at the ways they have innovated "green". I like "green" innovation! But, is this a “regulated and periodically” inspected system? Is it 100% accountable, or is it like the Meat Industry in Ontario. I do not know. That is not the focus of this discussion.

I do take exception to the animals they are "farming for fur": Beavers, Minks, Foxes, etc.

Some take exception to:

Italy, France, Denmark, Greece, Belgium and Australia ban the import of cat and dog fur but the sale is still legal

I think we need to “step back and look at our human activity” and decide what animal products are “green”.

If we think of the food industry, we can get “free” resources (hides) from animals. Leathers and skins from: cows, sheep, salmon, chickens, ostrich, eel, crocodile and alligator, etc. If these operations are humane and green, we should use them. If we can make the “processes” greener, I think we need to rethink the industry and streamline it for Green.

Lets take care of our wild animals and their homes and not create “bubble populations” for “human fur luxury”.


P.S. - did you know that salmon, chicken, ostrich, eel, crocodile and alligator leathers are considered “luxury”?

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