Monday, November 2, 2015

Greening Canada


On November 4th, Canada will end a dark story starring Stephen Harper, and start a new one with Justin Trudeau. It's no surprise that Stephen Harper has damaged not only the basic functionality of Government, but he also damaged our global “green reputation”. Various scientific bodies even wrote about the “politics” of Stephen Harper, unprecedented obstructionism with respect to anything having to do with the environment or the science that helps us understand it.

Many may feel that the battle is over, Stephen Harper is gone, that Canada is free to be great again, but the reality is Canada needs to be fixed. It needs to be retooled to complete in a modern economy. This is a chance for Canada to modernize its processes, to make them more green. We need programs that are focused on sustainable methods and programs that are focused on Canada's green security and prosperity.

Canada has many challenges to face, and we should approach them in a green way. Now is time for Canada to grow, but, let's make sure it starts correctly. Canada must plan for climate change, innovate green energy, start to address dangerous pollution issues, and safety issues, that can result in environmental disaster in the present and a future toxic legacy.

Many disasters happened under the Stephen Harper Government. The horrible disaster at Lac-Mégantic, Mount Polley, the Obed Mountain coal slurry spill, the Nexen pipeline spill, pollution from oilsands operations, the Toronto propane explosion, oil train fires, Banff National Park river spill, polluting an Alberta aquifer from fracking, and the list continues. The cost to humans, infrastructure, rivers, lakes and the environment can last decades.

Studies show that pollution from Exxon Valdez is still present and polluting the environment. The long term costs of these disasters are too big. It costs too much to pollute the Great Lakes with Dilbit. When will spending an extra million, to spare thirty billion, make economic sense to Government and insurance companies? 

The total cost of failure isn't an option. Dirty energy just isn't worth it. Will Justin Trudeau rebuild Canada smart, the green way, or the same old way? 

Now that Canada's “Green Lobby” is salivating for projects, will they be focused on the green future of Canada, or the present green in their pockets?


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