Friday, December 3, 2010

>:( Atomic Energy of Canada Limited: FIRE SALE?

I do not hear "a thing" about the sale of AECL. Is it still on the "auction block"?

Why no news? Because, it is a sensitive subject. No Conservative "Tweets" on this stuff. That would be a no-no! Not much, as far as news, from what I "have seen". Best to keep Canadians in the "dark"? Just like the GOP in the USA? Nothing new here.

I wrote a Blog on "Deliver me Quality". You should read it. I get into some details and experience I have had with "Quality" and "Free Market Economics"

Will the new owners of AECL deliver me, and you, "quality"? Will they act responsibly? What are the conditions of sale? I do not know. Do you? Do you care?

I do! Lets all get proactive on this issue. It is important!

Lets start talking. Best not to wait for Harper to push "another lame duck" past the "goal line"


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