Friday, November 26, 2010

>:( CBC question: Gov. tackling climate change?

CBC question: Is Government doing enough to tackle climate change?

Of course this is a fluffy question. But, at least it was asked.

If I could ask the questions?: "Are governments capable of tackling climate change?" Answer: NO : and my response would be the same, as below.

So, I responded: ( not in funky METAMAN language like yesterday about Wikileaks )


Good question CBC:.

My honest opinion is no. I have been trying to help Canadian excellence in "Green" for over 15 years. First part-time moonlights, then as an aside to my regular product design consulting and now, as a full time career. Tough!

The Canadian government is only working the way it has been modified to do: operated with corporations to make them money, reduce taxes through privatization ( a model from Chicago schools of disaster capitalism) and let the free market reign while trying to eliminate government regulation.

We all recognize that Canadas only saving grace with the US bank pre-election explosion was that our banks are more regulated by government. Trust me, if banks can sell, they will, with little regard to its largest populous of consumers: citizens. Making bad loans globally, while using us to hedge those losses. Makes sense, if you are a banker.

What if people (in government and banking, etc) had to take responsibility for their "decision points". How long would they last?

In my industry, I must plan for success the first time. I have no option. If I fail, it could be over for me. Gives me incentives to perform for my customers.

What is the incentive for government? You can "harper" this country up and still get a juicy benefit package at the end of the day. Look at the bonuses big corps. give to their "elite thinkers".

I assert that public Crown Corporations are the solution, but, with the caveat that if you "screw up" or steal, or engage in corruption, you get fired, like me, if I "screw up".

How can any organization perform with no penalty for failure? Or politicians get promoted or shuffled or placed into a corporation to continue the goal of sucking up taxpayer money to deliver the least for the most profit.

I am sure I am not the first to think this, probably been "whined about" for thousands of years.

But, we face a total game change. Peak oil. All we see now are corporations going "sustainable" ( ie. Rolls Royce car plant is sustainable now, but, how sustainable is a Rolls Royce: the destruction to acquire the loot to get one ) and getting taxpayer money to do it.

I assert that we must develop a government "green" standard that can be used on products, so, consumers can buy with confidence without a stack of textbooks in: math, biology, manufacturing process, energy analysis, etc.

Why is the burden of choice on a person that just wants a product. Does the Government feel it is not its responsibility?

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