Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TED Talks Thinks!

TED Talks and Me: Think!

I love TED Talks. Been a fan for a long time! It is great to hear so many talented people discuss important ideas and solutions for our "worldly issues". Thanks TED talks! You have taught me so much. Taught me to get out of my comfort zone and contemplate ways to improve our world.

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on my Blogs. Yes, some are controversial, some funny but some are serious ( even though they look funny).

I am referring to my recent Blog : "Top Six “deepgreendesign” Project Fantasies". Some see it as a joke, but folks, I am serious! These are my dream jobs! Why? Because I feel they are extremely important.

My #1 "Project Fantasy" ( has been for at least 8 years now ) is to design and sell a “product-family” to feed people. Thats all I am saying! As a designer, my ideas are my only currency, so, don't even ask, unless you are serious about funding this project: "Cheap Green Food".

I love self validation. I wrote yesterday about an example, and today, I got more validation, this time not from science, itself, but from TED Talks! Smile!

TED Talks released its “Six Ideas That Are Changing the World”. Did they steal the “Top 6” idea from me? No, Just great minds thinking alike ( because 6 is more than 5 )!

The top winner is Jamie Oliver! Cool! He is my cooking hero! ( Julia Child, is another, she always made me hungry ). Jamie is a "simple guy". His curiosity and common cause of healthy food inspires me. Jamie is not a regular “TV Chef”, he is passionate about cooking and natural food, plus, he shares his passion, for our common good. His work on changing eating habits in schools is amazing! He is right on target! Jamie is tackling American eating habits: good luck dude! Well done Jamie, TED is right on target!

So, what is my validation today? That food, what we eat, and our health are very important. Eating organic, fresh, "cheap" food!

TED Talks thinks it is important, and so do I! Do you?


P.S. - Oh ya, if you are into “better food”, like me, check out my Blog: “I Love Bulk Barn!”

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