Sunday, November 14, 2010

Science for Peace: Republican Nightmare?

Non-War Technology: A GOP nightmare.

I believe in evolution: evolution of our universe, evolution of life and the evolution of human culture.

Where technology and human culture meet a meta-organism evolved. I read a book, Metaman when it came out. The premise of “Metaman” was that a global event would get all nations united in response to crisis. I envisioned the Internet would be the medium that evolved humans into “Metaman” ( this was 1993). Well, it has, to an extent. “My” “Metaman” is young, less than 9 years old. I thought the 9/11 terrorist attacks were the “shock” that sparked Metamans conscious ( In the book it cited an asteroid: interesting how honest scientists perceive most threats as non-human. ). Metaman was also loaded with references, something my impressionable brain gobbled up. It spurred my thoughts about: the optimum global human population, the roll of technology in society, and this idea that humans are evolving with technology.

Humans have evolved with technology: there are 5.5+ billion people that have the “brain neuron structure” that identifies the sound of crackling plastic with food ( waiting for this discovery ). We use technology and science daily ( I think that people that deny science and use the Internet of particular interest ).

Seems like the “best and coolest” technology starts its “life” from an honest scientist and is then found to be “applicable for military use”. As such, the military uses the technology until the economies of scale provide for a technology rollover to consumers, part of the technology lifecycle. Being a designer, I have seen this repeated many times. Some universities' technology programs exist for this intent: design something for the military and make big bucks. Its a shame that a physics or math PhD candidate are not warned that their technology will be used to help kill people.

When the Obama administration introduced a $18 billion non-military research and development program ( in the stimulus package ), I felt hope. The wisdom and vision of this “new idea” made me feel more a little more secure. To see technology used for things other than military is a step in the right direction. When funds for technology ( grants ) are non-military they benefit humans or our environment ( an assumption, of course ).

Americas “bread and butter” seems to be the military. Schools doing the footwork for war profiteers. Tax money given to schools to create a seed-product for a tax funded military. Sounds communist to me. If peace “broke out” around the globe, I think America would have a hard time adjusting. America is hyper-leveraged on the disaster capitalism model: infinite growth though politically driven privatization of foreign countries. I firmly believe that the GOP intends to invade Iran, just to keep “its head above water”: use tax dollars to support corporate growth ( and leaving the bill with taxpayers).

Non-war technology is a GOP concern: no new science to drive the planned obsolescence cycle of consumption, the military is built upon. Innovate, kill, innovate more, kill more.

I would like to see technology used to benefit society without being obsoleted by the military first. I would like to see technology bridge politics and the people, such that, people have more impact on the “positive” evolution of the human culture.


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