Friday, January 7, 2011

:) My Green Dreams!


I can quantify the subjective and objective positive feedback and support I am getting now! It is called this amazing feeling I have right now!

I started "this" on November 2nd, 2010.

68 days later, I have over 1000 followers on twitter!

I have been deleting many folks from my followers list. I am proud of my list! I have screened out bots ( to the best of my ability ), fake green greenwash stuff ( like the DIY solar panels trash etc. ), and pure marketing stuff.

I "collect": People, Organizations, Science Resources, Professionals and Experts that I feel "add green value to my environment" : Earth.

The coolest was hitting that 1000 mark today! 1000 green twitter followers!

#1000? Well, I would like to thank:

The Corps Network @TheCorpsNetwork : The Corps Network is the voice of the nation's 143 Service and Conservation Corps. Currently operating in 44 states and the District of Columbia.
The Corps Network is the voice of the nation's 143 Service and Conservation Corps. Currently operating in 44 states and the District of Columbia.

You are my part of my green dream! I sure hope you stay on for the green-haul!

I like the quality and breadth of my followers!

I am not scared to blog about any green issues, greenwash, green this and green that!

The "body of my blogs" gives you an idea of why so many different people follow me.

One thing is for certain : my followers have something in common: concerns for our environment.

Some are just beginning their "green journey" others are professionals, experts and educators in the fields of : economics, genetics, education, evolution, music, environmental law, politics, psychology, math, engineering, human rights, poets, writers, leaders, philanthropy, physics, nutrition, architecture, health & medicine, design and some real freaky geeks I do not have time to label!

Why do all these people follow some "#iearth1st guy" in Toronto?

Because I have something in common with everything you own: A product designer somewhere designed it. A sketch, an idea or perhaps free intellectual property designs such as the fork.

I have evolved my green too! If I can design something to "50 Micron Repeatability in a high volume serial manufacturing, 6 sigma environment, I can design a fork as well."

Being a designer is a curse! Don't ever try it! Just kidding. But seriously, it is a curse! Everything that I am "forced to buy" ( i have no other choices in these "free markets" ) is typically crap. "If it is not Scottish its crap" - Mike Myers.

He was joking, Scottish people have no clue on how to design things. But seriously, I share with you my simple green approach to understanding green.

If you think that replacing your current products with green ones is green, you need serious green therapy, please start at the beginning of my blogs.

If you think that an "Eco Label" makes something green, you need serious green therapy, please start at the beginning of my blogs.

If you are crazy about the future of your planet, you are the only resource you have to making "green" green. That is a fact! Use yourself today!

George Carlin has a funny bit about guys like me and he is right! How can people take care of the planet when they cannot take care of themselves and their neighbors and their neighbors neighbors.

As much as people wish to assert their individuality and their me-ness, we are all basically the same. We come from the same tiny twig on the same tree of life.

Some folks see consumerism as a means of self expression. It is!

Are humans stupid? Yes! I never claimed that humans are smart.

Thanks for a very boosting 68 Days!


P.S. - Tomorrow is my 69th day on twitter! Look mom, no "69" jokes!

All information and concepts on my blog is property of me, Graham Chivers.

Retweeting is highly recommended!

This information may not be used, in any publications, without direct prior consent from Graham Chivers @ My Blog is not to be within or, on any entities that have advertising. Sounds weird? Well, that is my choice. Freedom of speech and freedom of access, without any capitalism, by companies, that I do not find green enough. I assert that my Blogs will deliver my blog with NO ADVERTISING! As such, If you wish to rebroadcast my content, ask for permission. If your publication has absolutely no advertising, anywhere, I will be happy let you use my content, on the condition that I verify the publication for content, first. I dreaded the day that my blog would be beside advertising for laptops or other non-green thingies, but, it did. Support Ad-Free knowledge! If you see this blog beside advertising, please, let them know to respect my authority as a citizen. Thank you! I assert the right to assert my opinion on each blog, I blog. I assert that I am not a “domestic terrorist”. I assert that I am an individual, not a marketing scam. I collect no data from my Blog. All the products use to manufacture this product are “free” on the Internet. I use no marketing software for data collection. I feel that anyone should be able to read my blog with only knowledge being the product for free.

If you do not agree with any above content, prove it first. If you can teach me something, I will thank you in a manner warranted. If you are intending to “limit my internet access” or Freedom of Speech or my Human Rights: please go away!

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