Thursday, December 16, 2010

:) Weird & Free Gifts?

“Weird” & “Free” Holiday Stuff?

Geocaching: outdoor adventure : Learn local history & solve a puzzle? You decide the difficulty! Great for hiking, exploring, family fun! You need a GPS and do not forget to bring organic snacks and clean water from home! Make the kids do all the work! Give the gift of adventure and nature!

Spend some quality time with your partner: Give them a “Free Massage” coupon that “never expires”!

Join some causes you feel are important to you.

Invest in a childs RESP for University. Green? YES! Just make sure they get a PHd in Math (#dgd brainwashing?)

Try making one “new tradition”. Is it “green”? You decide!

Give the gift of “experiences“ or even “sharing*” your favourite book. (* - “Free it!”)

Donate to a local animal shelter or local food bank,on behalf of your friend(s)!

Start or join a local volunteer group to improve your green community. Clean a beach, plant some wildflowers?

Perform a random act of careing! Help someone and freak them out! Always ask for cookies in return! I do! Make sure they make them organic! ;)

Read all my blogs from start to finish without stopping for rest? Nah, take “it on” at your pace! Suggested for psychologists interested in positive thought and problem solving skills ( and always: chaotic thought ordering ).


Enjoy More!

* P.S. - To my knowledge, the hummingbird is the only animal that hibernates every day. Cool math?

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